About Harvesting Harmony

About Deb


Deb partners with clients to guide them to greater awareness of how positivity can attract the things they want in life. 

Through coaching, Deb helps clients identify the thoughts that are working against them and blocking them from experiencing the level of satisfaction in life that they desire. 

Deb's passion is to improve the world, one thought at a time, from the inside out. Deb’s clients report gaining greater clarity about what they want from their daily lives, a deeper sense of happiness through their work with her and more fulfilling personal and work relationships as a result of choosing new thought patterns and approaches.

Note from Deb:

When drastic and sudden life changes occurred, my friends and family shared their hearts with me. I learned to be well-versed in EMPATHY.

No meaningful journey is void of challenges. Trusting others led to pain. I learned about self-preservation, honesty, love and FORGIVENESS.

New opportunities for growth are repeatedly presented. Self-respect, self-advocacy and EMPOWERMENT result.

I have journeyed to this place full of HOPE ~ a place where I experience good physical and emotional health, reduced stress and ultimate happiness ~ a place called HARMONY.

My spiritual vision is to bring harmony where dis - ease exists. LOVE, HOPE and PEACE can be yours...because you're more than enough...precisely as you are.