~ Nicole Colter, Publisher of Parent Bug

  “For as long as I have known Deb she has been a life coach. Family, friends and colleagues have turned to her for guidance toward clarity in their uncertain circumstances. I have personally benefited from Deb's guidance time and time again as she helped me uncover the answers I already have and the path that is right for me which is frequently hard to see without such an intuitive guide for support. I would highly recommend Deb to anyone wanting to uncover the most authentic version of themselves. It's an investment that will pay off for years to come!"


~ Debbie Robbins, Singer/DJ/KJ

  “Deb has helped guide and direct me in my Business on many occasions and always gives me wonderful new ideas and a great new perspective on things.” 


~ Kymberlee Dougherty Tysk, President & CEO of Hummingbird Risk Advisors

  “Deb worked for me years ago at Mariner. I hired Deb as a life/business coach to help me make some decisions regarding business development and growth. Deb's insight, guidance and recommendations have been invaluable at helping me to work with my team to organize our processes and focus on organic growth. There is is no doubt this is Deb's calling, as she takes charge but pushes YOU to actually do the work, while she simply "suggests" and "guides".”