Awareness Anchor –» Junk the judgment!

Raise your awareness about how judgment of yourself and others can steal your happiness little bits at a time. Benefit is discovering how to junk the judgment for better communication and greater focus on what really matters. With this program, you will receive a debrief of an assessment and a limited coaching session.
Introducing YOU! ...and all your talents!

Find YOUR talents, carry them with you and use them to increase the joy you feel every day, all the time! Benefit is finding clarity about what really matters to you, having more patience with your loved ones and a plan to respect that each day! This program begins to help you build habits based on increased self-awareness gained from a debrief of an assessment and a few coaching sessions.

Harmony-in-the-Heart Now! ≈ For clients ready to hit the ground running!

Share your talents with loved ones, even co-workers and strangers. Feel the goodness come back to you multiplied! Discover the freedom of being the real YOU. Benefits are reduced stress, increased clarity, improved communication with a focus on building people up (including YOU!), enhancing feelings of empowerment to accomplish those things that have been on your to-do list for too long and developing deeper relationships with those around you. If your desire is to make long-term change, this program may be for you; it requires a 3 month commitment.

Harmony-in-the-Heart Journey  -»» For clients open to a 6 month transformation!

Are you at a crossroads? Do you want to live fully your passion? Share your talents with ease, no regrets, nor apologies? You are a once-in-a-lifetime creation with a unique purpose, and you have a message that the world needs to hear…share YOU with the world! Benefits include those listed above and gaining the energy you want to make YOUR mark on the world as only YOU can! The best investment in the world is an investment in YOU. With this program, you will implement adjustments that result in desired long-term change. Success is achieved over a 6 month commitment through regularly scheduled coaching sessions, clear action plans and accountability.